Shipping Things to Our Kids in Far Flung Places

The stuff they have at the post office and the other carriers for shipping items is expensive and not as sturdy as I would like for shipping some things for the holidays. I was looking for sturdy shipping containers for sale. A few years ago I got a package in a super strong cardboard box. It was the sturdiest piece of cardboard I had ever seen. It was almost like a wooden crate it was so tough. I figured if the company that shipped me that product could get a box like that, then I could find plastic or cardboard boxes that were just as sturdy.

The worst boxes I had ever seen was when we ordered some items in bulk from a foreign supplier. The cardboard practically fell apart when we opened the box. If it was not for all the hard foam inside, the products would never have arrived intact. A sturdy box is not that much more heavy than a standard box where you would have to worry about an increase in shipping costs. I just want the items to get there intact. I have sent things to our son in the military stationed at various bases around the world, and I have sent things to our daughter in remote arctic regions when she was studying for her PhD. The better the shipping container, the more likely the items arrived intact.

I found that international shipping does best when the box is weatherproof and strong. Even the sealing tape makes a difference. Some postal machinery can tear flimsy tape right off a box, and duct tape can lose its grip on some plastic and cardboard shipping containers. When you are a mom with kids who travel the world, you become an expert in shipping a little bit of home to where they are whether it be homemade cookies or something else.