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How Drones Are Being Used to Save Lives

Search and rescue situations always have a sense of emergency around them. This is why in such situations, each and every second is important and must be used as efficiently as possible. The possibility of using drones in such operations comes into discussion because of their ability to cut out the time it takes humans to survey large swathes of lands as they can do it aerially in a far quicker time.

There is an argument that operations of an immediate nature where lives are at risk normally do involve the use of plans and helicopters already and therefore, there is no point doing the same operations with drones, especially since they can’t carry any rescue personnel with them on their operation. However, there are a number of points that go in the favor of drones as compared to helicopters and planes. There are a few facts about planes and helicopters that points out why it becomes too difficult to use them in some operations:

· They take some time in getting deployed

· They consume a lot of fuel and prove very costly

· They need a human pilot to be sent along with them in dangerous situations

· They cannot get very close to the emergency as they need to maintain a definite vertical height to avoid crashing.

The use of drones can bypass all these problems as they need no pilot onboard and can fly very close to the ground to get a better idea of the situation. Drones are currently being best used in the danger zones as they provide a view of the situation beforehand enabling the rescuers to formulate a strategy that will be effective and efficient enough to tackle the situation in as little time as possible.

The great thing about drones is that their performance can be enhanced with add-ons as well. For instances, there can be various devices attached to the drone such as a gas measurement device or a thermal image camera. Gas measurement devices are helping rescuers in detecting the type of smoke that is present in the fire which helps the fire fighters determine their strategy of putting out the fire.

In similar situations, drones with thermal imaging cameras are easily identifying humans within a fire with its thermal imagery which helps the rescue teams not only realize that there are humans trapped but can also help in locking their exact locations. Thermal imaging with drones is also helping in rescue efforts during snow storms or avalanches, to name a few.

There are a number of search and rescue operations that actively use drones to aid their missions. SWARM is an international volunteer group which has a very strong batch of drones as well as operators who offer their help with drones in many rescue operations. Texas Equusearch is another organization working in Texas and the organization aids law enforcement forces whenever requested.

Civil pilots are currently not allowed to use drones for official search and rescue missions though with drones becoming ever more important in such missions, it is expected that the FAA will lax its regulations with time.


How Drones Are Affecting Staffing and Outsourcing

Drones are one of the newest things that are going to impact the world in a major way in the coming years. The best aspect of drones is that they will generate jobs for thousands of people because as the use of drones grow, so will the need for trained unmanned vehicle pilots will increase dramatically.

The military has been using drones for decades now and there is a deficiency of trained unmanned vehicle pilots and they are relying on the outsourcing of their works to the companies that supply these trained pilots.

These pilots are not carrying out any work on their own they are continuously monitored and just follow the orders. These pilots are civilians who are carrying out the orders of the military officials who do not have the expertise of flying drones. This arrangement is working well for the military and is here to stay for a while until the military recruits soldiers who are experts in flying drones. Right now the military has just over 1300 unmanned vehicle pilots employed with them but the search is on, as this is not enough to fill the demand.

It is not just the military where there is a need of drone pilots or the unmanned vehicle pilots. When the FAA publishes rules and regulations regarding drones most of the companies will deliberately try to cut off the number of staff they currently have and replace them with robotic systems like drones. This will improve not only the efficiency of the product delivery but also improve upon the savings of the company.

There are going to be over 7000 companies that will be flying drones as soon as FAA comes out with its new rules and regulations. This will not take time and will happen very soon for there will huge demand for pilots who know how to fly drones. The companies that will require these pilots will be:

· Construction companies

· Real estate companies

· Photography companies

· Land surveyors

· Agriculturists

· Vineyard owners

This is just the beginning because every field is finding a use for drones. The major use of drones is also going to be witnessed in the sports industry where drones will be used for filming the sporting events. This field will majorly outsource the work because it is not only the major channels like ESPN that need to cover the events but also the teams that will need to film their practice sessions to figure out the strong points and the weaknesses of the team that can be worked upon.

It’s predicted that jobs open up once drones are used on a commercial basis. The staffing and outsourcing will take a big turn due to this new technology and the kids who are seen as wasting their time playing videogames will become the most sought out people in the industry.


How Drones Are Being Utilized on Golf Courses

The use of UAV is finding new avenues with every passing day. The field of sports and athletics is no different and many sports teams are actively trying to incorporate drones in team management. Golf is one such sport where drones are being used to a great extent. Drones are being used in the areas of golf management and golf marketing.

Golf management

Managing a golf course is a tough task as it not only involves catering to the golfers but also includes maintenance of the entire golf course. This job has been done manually for years with the staff inspecting each and every corner of the golf course to see the condition of the vegetation. Drones are now being used to manage and monitor different parts of the golf course to make the operation efficient and time-saving. The drones simply move around the golf course and film the various parts of the golf course to find out if there is any problem with the vegetation in any part of the course. There are a number of companies which offer golf course management via drones. NexDrone, Greensight and many other companies use their drones to record the footage and then store it on a cloud for easy accessibility. With aerial imagery, the management team of the course can not only find out the problem areas but can also flag potentially problematic areas.

Golf marketing

Drones have been in use for golf marketing for a long time and golf courses which don’t use drones for marketing purposes are surely not maximizing their marketing potential. UAVs offer the best chance to capture the golf course in all its grandeur and the footage can then be compiled into an awesome promotional video which would convince people in a far better manner than any other promotional pitch. Great videos for marketing normally include a detailed view of each hole in the course with the aerial footage backed by narration of the hole by a reputed golfer. It’s all the better if the drone can also help create a 3D map as it would give any potential golfer an even better idea of what he/she might be getting access to by buying a membership. While many golf courses prefer to use the services of a drone company, a few golf courses use drones so much that they are thinking on the lines of buying one from themselves. There are a number of drones in use for golf marketing these days with Iris+, AirDog, Hexo, Phantom and Q500 Typhoon some of the most popular ones.

While drones are very close to reaching their full potential when it comes to golf marketing, there is still a lot that can be achieved by them in the field of golf course management and maintenance. As drone technology improve and heat sensing and imagery techniques become more refined, it will soon become possible for drones to do the entire analysis on their own with the staff just needing to go and rectify the problem.


How Drones Impact the Manufacturing Industry

Every new day brings with it a new prospect where drones can be used successfully. One area where drones have started to become commonplace is the manufacturing industry. When you talk about use of drones in manufacturing, do not confuse this with the manufacturing of drones. While it’s true that the idea of drones in the manufacturing process hasn’t really taken flight as of yet, this is not to say that drones aren’t being used at all in the manufacturing industry. Drones have proven particularly useful in the field of food manufacturing, with Japan at the forefront for using this technology. In Japan, drones are being used in the agricultural fields to spray insecticides and to monitor for weeds.

The drones that are being used in the agricultural fields in Japan are the Yamaha RMAX. More than 2400 models of the Yamaha RMAX are currently in use. You might find it astonishing but Japan has been using this technology in the agricultural industry for over 28 years with the first drone project taking place in 1987.

Transport drones are being used in warehouses in different industries to lift items and to keep stuff organized on the shelves. Drones are not only more reliable than humans in performing these tasks but are also faster and increase productivity.

Qimarox, a Netherlands based company that is involved in material handling has been studying the use of drones in arranging goods on the shelves and in taking them off the shelves. The use of drones in warehouses won’t just help with arranging goods in warehouses, but will also accommodate the assembling of these picked goods into pallet loads.

The main area of research regarding drones in the manufacturing industry is collision avoidance technology in enclosed spaces. Drones that are flown outdoors need to be in the line of sight and can be landed in case of any emergency. However, in the manufacturing industry there is not a lot of space and the device needs to be programmed in such a manner that it does not collide with different objects in its path.

The main concern regarding drones and their use in the manufacturing industry is that of safety. The FAA is in its infancy in regulating drones in the commercial sector, although testing is progressing gradually and the rules are slowly starting to take shape.

For now, drones in the manufacturing industry are being developed to pick, arrange and load stuff in the warehouses. This may appear simple but it is a complex task in itself seeing that it’s an unmanned vehicle executing all of these tasks.

To summarize, drones aren’t involved directly in the manufacturing process and only play an indirect role for now. However, with technology progressing rapidly and with research being conducted on these points as well, the day when drones will start aiding directly in manufacturing goods isn’t far away.


How Drones Are Impacting the Utility Industry

Utility services are so essential that some households seem to plunge into the stone ages with the shortage of a single common utility. It takes a lot of manpower to ensure provision of common utilities to every household and utility companies go to great pains to ensure they run smoothly at all times. With the supply lines stretching hundreds of thousands of miles, a fault in a single area can lead to huge issues. This is why utility companies employ a number of inspection teams which keep a lookout for faults.

Drones have offered a great breakthrough in the field of utilities because they have the capability of moving much faster than humans ever will. The fact that they can record footage essential since operators and inspectors can simply stay in a room and do the inspection right from their offices. With thermal imagery and other techniques growing, inspection of utility lines is becoming easier with some drones even being capable of identifying potential problems on their own using advanced cameras and algorithms.

There are a number of aspects in which the use of drones is helping the utilities industry. Their widespread use in utilities inspection like aerial inspection of overhead electricity lines and sensory inspection of water, gas lines and telephone lines has made life very easy for utility companies. The major reasons for their widespread use include health and safety, cost, time, accountability and accurate reporting.

Health and Safety

The main problem of working in the field of utility is that the personnel need to work at heights mostly and this is particularly dangerously regardless of the safety precautions taken. Moreover, working in the field of utilities can expose humans to live high voltage circuits which can totally fry a human body within microseconds. All such dangers are overcome by using drones in place of inspectors who would have to physically go close to these utility lines.

Time and Money

When you deploy the humans to carry out the job of inspecting the lines for fault, there is a lot of time taken with safety precautions and physical limits being two major reasons. But with the drones those concerns are futile and they can normally reduce the time of inspection greatly. And when time is saved, the cost of the operation is minimized in itself. The fact that there is no need to take safety precautions for a drone helps too and can save costs here as well.

Accountability and Accurate Reporting

Since drones or unmanned aerial vehicles are machines, there is no chance of giving a biased report of the fault present in the line. With drones, there is actual evidence of the inspection and of the findings. There is no questioning live footage and pictures and this helps utility companies in having better and more factual records of their inspection quests.

To frame it in simple words, drones are slowly becoming the present and the future of the utility business and it’s only a matter of time before drone inspections would become common for every utility line in the world.


The Potential of Drones in Personal Services

The unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that was once just a dream has now become a reality. The concepts related to this technology are becoming clearer with each passing day. Very soon, we will see drones and UAVs become a part of our everyday lives. One concept associated with drones is their use in the domain of personal services. Efforts are being made to make this a reality and it is only a matter of time.

Different researchers as well as companies are trying to search for new avenues where drones can be utilized and personal service is one of those areas. People need assistants in order to smoothly carry out their everyday work. Usually, a human is hired for such work but what if a drone could be used in place of an assistant?

There are many who have even conceptualized the use of drones for providing personal services like taking aerial selfies and making family videos. Keeping a parking space secured for you, ensuring that the street that you are walking down is safe for you as well as providing you personal protection are some of the other personal services for which drones can be utilized.

There are many who are trying to develop drones to provide specialized services but the only problem that is coming in the way of this highly ambitious project is safety. The safety of the people and their property cannot be ensured because of the unpredictability of drones. They can stop working at any time and fall to the ground. This may be a great hazard for the people going about their businesses on the roads and streets. Moreover, if the drone causes any kind of damage to the property then its owner will be held liable for it.

There is always a danger of the use of drones by anti-social and anti-national elements. Rules and regulations regarding the use and ownership of drones need to be put in place before these aerial vehicles can be used for personal services.

The FAA is fully aware of the misuse drones can be subjected to. This is why it delayed the process of bringing drones into the commercial sector until this year and is very selective when it comes to giving airworthiness licenses to businesses.

Though these concerns are genuine but these have always been there whenever a new technology has been launched into the market. When TVs were introduced for the first time, people used to be issued license for keeping and using TVs in their houses. Similarly, there were many other things that were seen with suspicion but when they became prevalent, their use became indispensable.

Probably, it is the same with drones as far as the personal services are concerned. As soon as the FAA gives its approval there would be drones all over the place. There are companies that already have everything ready for the launch of the drones in various sectors of the market. In the not too distant future, we will see on-call drones hovering in the sky waiting to be deployed for personal services.


The Use of Drones in Measuring Air Quality, Pollution &Treatment Controls

Drones are extremely useful machines that can be used for a number of different purposes. One of the best means of utilizing drone technology is for monitoring pollution in the environment. There are many goals that can be achieved by the use of drones in this field such as:

· Drones can be used to replace old sampling techniques.

· They can provide an X-Y-Z platform that is both stable and precise for sample collection.

· Drones can give you adequate time for collection of data that is integrated and time bound.

· They are capable of providing real-time data as well as imagery.

· Drones can be used for development of autonomous methods of sample collection.

There are two types of drones in existence that can help in determining air quality. The first one is the fixed wing type that can carry larger payloads, but it must remain in an X-Y plane with constant motion. The second one is the multi-rotor UAV that can only carry small payloads, but has the capability of collecting samples while it is in motion and also when it is hovering over a specific location.

The problem associated with drones is mainly the perception of the public. People consider drones to be very dangerous and a threat to their privacy. Some people even think that drones can give terrorists another method of spreading terror. To make matters worse, the FAA is also not in favor of using transport drones for commercial purposes. Until recently, only research drones were allowed to fly, and only over restricted areas, and can’t go over 400 feet above the ground as they may interfere with the airplanes used for public transportation.

However, despite all these challenges drones are being used in various air quality control methods for measuring particulate matter and VOCs as well as measurements relating to meteorology such as temperature, humidity, pressure and winds. In addition to this, drones can be used to continuously measure gases such as ozone and others that give us an idea about the environmental conditions.

Drones can be used successfully for this type of work because they are light in weight and can fly from one place to another relatively easily. They can be set up quickly whenever they are needed and can be deployed as per the requirement within a short period of time. Drones are capable of returning back to the place they flew from in case of failure of flight control.

With the help of drones, important information regarding air quality can be obtained in real-time in the form of photographs, videos as well as air samples. The wind speed and other attributes can also be measured using drones.

These drones can be utilized for a relatively low price. The reusability of drones along with its ability to capture pictures from a considerable distance makes it a great tool in this field. Images captured by satellite can be obscured by the presence of the clouds, but the drones stay below the clouds and are therefore able to give you a picture that is more inferable.


The Use of Drones in Photography

Drones are being extensively used in the field of photography. It started as a hobby, but recently it has taken a professional turn. A drone is an amazing tool that can help capture breathtaking aerial shots that were unimaginable before. You might have seen stunning aerial shots of landscapes like mountains, rivers, deserts and fields in movies. A helicopter is usually used for filming such images in the movie business and a large crew is present to assist the camera person. However, in real life it is almost impossible to arrange for a helicopter. Even if you have the finances available to you to arrange for a helicopter, you would require a pilot to fly the helicopter so that you can take photos. So, if you want to indulge in aerial photography without having to spend a fortune over it, then drones are your best option.

Drones come in various varieties. You can choose the one most suited to your photography needs quite easily. There are some models that can be bought for less than $100 such as the Blade Nano QX. This model is ideal for beginners and budding photographers who have just started using drones for photography purposes. There is always a possibility that the drone will crash while you are learning to fly it, so it is better to buy a cheaper version first.

Photographers who are well-versed in piloting a drone by themselves can opt to buy more advanced drones that have the capability of carrying a larger camera. Some of the most popular models of drones that are currently being used for commercial photography include the DJI Phantom series. If you are confident about your drone flying skills then you can even go for the Iris by 3D Robotics. These drones may cost you around $800, but they are worth the cost. The quality of photos that you get from these drones is amazing.

There are other drones that come with an attached Go Pro camera such as DJI Phantom 2 but the cost is double of what you will pay for the ones mentioned above. Do keep in mind that better the camera you have on your drone, the higher the quality of pictures and videos you will be able to shoot.

The camera is the most important piece of equipment when you are interested in clicking great shots with the help of your drone. A crucial factor in the selection of the camera is its weight. The best camera in the market at the moment is the GoPro Hero3 Black edition which weighs a mere 73 grams and can give you high quality photos and videos. This camera has built-in Wi-Fi and is compatible with OEM and third party accessories. The accessories that you may want to buy include:

· Transmitter to increase the range of your link.

· Receiver to decrease the noise when you receive the video on the ground.

· Goggles to view the video feeds.

· Anti-gravity motors and specialized remote controls are also a few accessories that will improve your experience with your drone.


The Use of Drones in Real Estate Development

Aerial photography is no newbie to the real estate industry. Real estate agents and property owners have used aerial photography and videography to show their properties in captivating ways for decades. And while helicopters have been used in the past to deliver stunning aerial footage of real estate and commercial properties, drones are able to give you shots from angles and heights not possible using a helicopter. Drones are able to give take photographs and videos that are high quality, affordable and are comparable to the footage you see in Hollywood.

Drones are a very convenient option when it comes to shooting in a populated area. Drones are better than small planes because they are able to give you photos that are cost effective. Also, drones can be maneuvered more easily as compared to that of small planes in areas that are populated. And drones take much less time and resources to capture the footage.

There are many real estate property dealers who are interested in buying high property and need to look at the property before buying it. It is going to be a long and tedious journey if the whole property is to be looked in person. It is here that the drones can be used for the convenience of the buyer as well as the seller.

The sellers can be shown the whole property in the palm of their hands by shooting all the locations of the property with the help of the drone. The advantages of the use of drones in viewing the property for the purpose of investing are many, including:

· Each and every portion of the property can be viewed

· The various problems associated with the property can be ascertained

· The seller need not waste their precious time in viewing each and every property in person

· It becomes easier to compare two or more properties at the same time

· Any problems can be discussed with the seller at the beginning of the deal

· The buyers find the property more attractive if it has been shot using drones.

Drones offer a convenient as well as cost effective way of shooting a property as well as showing it to the potential investors. Drone pilots can be conveniently hired to make these stunning videos which can then be used for bringing in more buyers. Also, a drone pilot can be hired for a day to show live video footage of the property captured by the drone flying over it for those clients who show their interest in buying the property.

Whether it is a high rise building or a large stretch of land, all this and much more can be made visible to potential buyers in a very short span of time by the use of a UAV. People who want to invest in high-rise buildings need not give a lot of their precious time in viewing the property from different angles. They can rather make use of the drone videos to get the real feel of the property they want to buy. You can even get a view from the window or the balcony of the apartment or the pent house you are planning on buying without having to go up there in person.


The Use of Drones in Residential Property Development

Drones are finding a new use every day. This is because they are very versatile and can be used in almost any field. Drones have huge potential for being used in the construction field and they have already been put to use by many companies.

The residential construction projects could be really extensive and keeping an eye on every minute detail of the project is necessary if the project manager wants to execute the project successfully and if the property owner wants to increase their chances of selling every unit at an optimal price. However, inspecting the whole project manually can become a tedious process, taking up a great deal of time. So, in order to avoid this hassle residential construction companies are beginning to make use of drones to see the work in progress in real time. The images of the project can be taken at various angles to create a 3D image of the property. This footage also helps in marketing the property to potential clients.

In order to be a successful marketer, you must be able to impress the client. The client who is searching for his or her dream home should always be presented with something that blows their mind away, leading them to make a positive decision for your property. So, if you have a wonderful property and you want to maximize your chances of selling at the best price possible, you must present it in a way that’s different from what buyers are used to seeing.

The use of drones to produce high definition aerial photos as well as videos enable you capture the property from various angles as well as elevations making it possible for the potential clients to view each and every angle of the building or the property clearly and in detail. You can present to them the view from the window or the balcony without ever entering the building. Every inch of the residential property can be presented to the buyer. This is beneficial for the buyer too. He or she can make the decision of including the property in their list of probable by just looking at the images and the videos. They need not visit each and every property site and waste their time and money in travel.

While the project is still in its developmental stage, the owner of the project can keep an eye on the project by using a drone. Expansive projects can take up a lot of your time if you decide to visit each and every corner of the project area in person. The use of drones will help you get the images and videos of the area being developed in real time. These images and videos can be streamed in real time and you can get an idea of the progress being made every day.

There are many companies that are providing drones for this purpose. You can rent the equipment or hire trained pilots to execute the job. This will give you professional images and videos of your property on a professional platform and impress your potential clients.